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The Iron Lion Difference


With over 17 years in the business, Iron Lion Entries strives to exceed excellence in every custom wrought iron door we produce. From high-quality doors, speedy deliveries, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing, our team of professionals consistently bring the ‘Iron Lion difference’ to life. If you are in search of a way to improve the exterior of your home, a custom wrought-iron door may be the perfect addition for you. Browse through our website or contact one of our seasoned technicians today in Nashville, TN, Franklin or Brentwood, for more information on our products and services. With a stunning wrought iron door, you will have the ability to add value, curb appeal, and additional security to your home.


At Iron Lion Entries, we have a variety of in-stock doors to select from while providing the option for custom-made doors to all our customers. For our customers, we offer the following:

  • Traditional-style wrought iron doors
  • Slim-Lite wrought iron doors
  • Thermal break technology
  • High-quality finish

However, what truly makes us stand above the competition is our unique thermal break technology and our fluorocarbon finish–the true Iron Lion difference. Used on each iron door we produce, the fluorocarbon finish technology boasts fantastic anti-fade results for long-lasting use. Depending on where you live, we understand that your door will face bouts of inclement weather and fluctuations of warm and cold temperatures. To stand strong against mother nature, Iron Lion Entries finds fluorocarbon to be the best coating system. This unique finish is 80% more effective than the standard powder coating used at substandard shops and provides each beautiful, wrought iron door with impact resistance, scratch-resistance, UV resistance, frost resistance, and fade resistance. In order to provide these amazing benefits to your custom wrought iron door, the innovative fluorocarbon finish has to go through five various baking processes.

In addition to our fluorocarbon finish, Iron Lion Entries also produce custom wrought iron doors with our thermal break technology. Our thermal break is created by using already formed extruded steel with liquid fiberglass. The combination of these two elements allows for optimal performance in both hot and cold weather climates. Additionally, our thermal break technology not only protects your home from varying climates, but it also helps conduct sound–reducing overall outside noise.

With these two features, Iron Lion Entries are able to take our custom wrought iron doors to the next level of luxury. Contact us today in Nashville, Franklin or Brentwood, TN, to fully experience the Iron Lion difference.