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Trouble Shooting Videos

Your go-to resource for resolving common issues and technical challenges. Designed to empower you with visual guidance, these informative videos walk you through the troubleshooting process. At Iron Lion we strive to deliver quality products to our customers and that responsibility comes with ensuring their installations go off without a hitch.

Setting Bottom Throw-Bolt Seat

This short video details how our installers set the bottom throw-bolt seat on a freshly installed double door system. The process is easy but can be costly if done incorrectly. So we decided to show you how the pros do it.

Fixing Misalignment Issue: Top of Door Pinch/Bind

This short video details how to fix a misalignment issue when installing a new double door system. When your sashes do not operate correctly there may be a pinch/bind in your doors. This video details how to correct that issue.

Single Door Installation

Iron Lion Entries is the premier provider of wrought iron entry doors and architectural steel doors. Take a peek behind the scenes as we show you how a single entry patio door is installed!

Door Inspection

Review the steps taken to ensure that all doors are inspected to the Iron Lion standard.