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Security Meets Style: Why Iron And Steel Doors Are A Smart Investment


The front door is one of the most important elements of your home. From aesthetic charm and curb appeal to safety and security, the front door is the first impression for guests and home appraisers. If you are considering a home improvement project, replacing your doorway is the best way to start. Known for their decorative beauty and various styles, a custom ornamental iron door or modern steel door is an upgrade you don’t want to miss out on. Aside from the aesthetic appeal they provide a home with, they are actually a fantastic investment with plenty of practical features.


  • Functionality and Added Security: Older doors tend to be worn down; over time sagging in the middle can cause poor insulation, increased friction and a terrible squeaking. Iron and steel doors are built to last. Iron Lion Entries sources the finest quality materials from Swiss steel to a Danish finish, our product is made to the highest standard in the door industry. Another major advantages of iron and steel doors is security. Due to their strength and durability, ornamental iron doors and architectural steel doors prove to be very difficult for thieves and miscreants to break into. Steel doors are not only resistant to vandalism and forced entry but are extremely beneficial if your house is subject to volatile weather. With a beautiful, custom wrought iron door, not only will you be giving your home an air of luxury, but you will also be adding an extra layer of protection to it. Homeowners will be able to rest easy at night knowing that their front entry is providing them with an additional security measure.
  • Long-Term Investment: Iron doors exude the sensation of luxuriousness within a home and are highly unique in their design and color. Due to this, an iron door can give your home added value, leaving you with an excellent ROI (return on investment) if you ever decide to sell your home. While providing your home and even your neighborhood with a boost of aesthetics, iron doors will certainly leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Home improvement experts over at House Logic report, “Year in and year out, no single project has provided such a healthy return on your home improvement dollar as a new front door.” According to House Logic’s Cost vs. Value Report, replacing your existing door with a steel door averages a 98 percent return on investment. In addition, The American Steel Institute also notes that steel doors provide the ‘best long-term value’ because of their stability and need for fewer repairs.
  • Energy Efficient: Iron Lion Entries provides superior quality doors that are built to withstand tough weather and save you money in heating/cooling costs. Our wrought iron doors and steel doors are fully insulated with a dense closed-cell polyurethane foam using a computerized machine to measure back flow and penetration for a 100 percent fill. A thermal break is installed to prevent conductive energy loss, as well as kerf weatherstripping and a high performance dual-paned glass system that is tempered and Argon gas insulated.
  • Sound Proofing– Whether you live in the quiet suburbs, rural country, or the hustle and bustle of downtown, everyone enjoys a little peace and quiet. Iron and steel doors are a great way to reduce sound transfer and keep out those distracting noises you may not have noticed creeping in through your old door. Additionally, Iron Lion has made commercial doors and windows for offices, conference rooms, restaurants and even music studios! Our customers are shocked and amazed when you not only see, but can actually HEAR the difference when installed.
  • Lasting Durability: Not only are iron doors known for their uniqueness and beauty they provide homes with; they are also known for their quality of durability. Forged from the strongest and highest quality of wrought iron, these stunning doors can withstand extreme temperatures, inclement weather, and high levels of pressure without being damaged. Ornamental iron doors and steel doors are made to last.
  • Added Aesthetics: Installing an ornamental iron door to your front entryway is a fantastic way to boost the aesthetics of your home. Instantly improve the overall look of your home by adding a touch of contemporary elegance. We have created thousands of custom designs for our customers that best fit their personal style and home interior/exterior, our doors will proudly stand out amongst the others in your neighborhood.

Beauty, value, aesthetics, and security, what more could you want for your front entryway? Security is sure to meet style when you install a stunning ornamental iron door in your front entryway. Contact Iron Lion Entries to learn more about ornamental iron doors and custom steel entries in Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood, TN.