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The Pros And Cons Of Iron And Steel Entry Doors, Glass Doors And Wood Doors


Are you in the process of building a home and deciding on the type of front door you want? Or maybe you’re looking to remodel your current front door and are exploring your options? Whatever your situation may be, searching for the perfect entry door that provides your home with the right amount of security and aesthetics can be a difficult task. There are a variety of door types and materials out there that can fit your preference, style, and budget–the trick is to find an entry door that fits both your needs and the needs of your home. Between iron doors, glass doors, and wood doors, narrowing down your options can be a challenging task. To help guide your decision, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons on each of these options.


Iron and steel doors offer an air of uniqueness and elegance to a home. With their luxurious patterns and beautiful finishes, wrought iron doors can provide your home with a bounty of aesthetics and security. Home safety is significantly increased with iron doors and steel entries. Due to their durability, wrought iron front doors can better protect your home. In unsavory weather conditions, they can protect your door from the damage of objects and debris, and their strength is sure to deter even the best of burglars. Iron is one of the most resilient and durable materials you can select for front doors. On average, iron doors are resistant to moisture, rot, fire, and a variety of insects. Most importantly, since iron front doors exude elegance, they will add value to your home.

Although iron doors are a great option for many homeowners, they do have a minor con – their price. Price varies depending on whether you choose a custom wrought iron door or an in-stock iron door. However, keep in mind, you get what you pay for; a door that comes at a higher price is sure to be durable, well-made, secure and beautiful.


If you’re a homeowner who enjoys ample natural light, then you may want to consider investing in a glass door. Glass doors–made well–can be durable front and back door options for your home. Not to mention, they are very easy to maintain and keep clean. Additionally, glass doors will not rust or corrode, providing you with a long-lasting option. Since they promote an excess of natural light, they actually serve as a greener, eco-friendly option. With natural light, you won’t have as much a need for artificial lighting which may reduce your utility bill.

However, a con of glass doors is that they are prone to cracking or breaking. Though they are made as durable as possible, in the event of high winds, a game of catch gone wrong, etc., they can crack, break, or even shatter. Another con of glass doors is the lack of privacy they provide. Sure, you can invest in a glass door that’s frosted or colored, however, they still won’t provide you with the privacy and security that a standard door or an iron door would.


A classic, wooden door boasts a variety of benefits to a home. Wood doors have a wonderful way of exuding a sense of character, charm, and beauty that turn a house into a home. Just like iron doors, wood doors make a statement and add the perfect dose of curb appeal to a home. A common pro of wood doors is the variety they offer. When selecting a wood door for your home, there are many wood varieties to choose from. Depending on the look you are trying accomplish, you can select bamboo, teak, oak, mahogany, cedar, and more. Additionally, wood doors are very durable and provide homes with superior insulation.

Although they are beautiful and durable, wood doors require a lot of maintenance. For example, upon installation, wood doors will need to be sealed properly. If you wait to seal the door, it can grow more susceptible to moisture damage, leading to warping or swelling. Wood doors are generally the most expensive choice and they require the most year-round maintenance. You will need to repaint or restain a wood door every year or two in order to keep it sealed and protect it from splitting and warping.


Before investing in a brand-new door, make sure you carefully review the pros and cons of each. This will help you determine your needs, the needs or your home, and what each option can provide you with. If you would like more information on ornamental iron doors, architectural steel doors, wrought iron front doors and custom wrought iron doors in Nashville, TN, Brentwood and Franklin, TN, contact Iron Lion Entries today. Iron Lion is one of the largest iron and steel door companies in the US. Let us help you select or design the perfect door for your home.