In-Stock | Slim Lite Doors | Slim-Lite 4-Lite Double
The 4-lite steel double doors are some of the slimmest profiled doors on the market. With only three horizontal dividing grids, this contemporary door style maximizes the sightlines for amazing views of your property.

• Heavy 12-gauge steel (30% thicker than 14-gauge) with a Fluoropolymer finish
• True divided lite glass partitions, Available with PPG Solarban LowE (Argon) glass with .264 U-value
• Q-Lon weather-stripping: pre-installed in jamb, t-astragal, and operable window frames
• 1.18” Beveled edge aluminum glass beads on exterior side & steel T-Bar on interior side
• Machined steel hinges with brass bushings rated at 800 lbs. capacity per hinge
• Door and jamb insulated with dense closed-cell polyurethane foam using a computerized machine measuring backflow and penetration for 100% fill
• Custom doors available in a variety of glass and finish options (Quote Request)

• Finish materials are imported from Europe
• Fluoropolymer finishes are used on high-end steel roofing for its fade-resistance
• 80% more effective than powder coating for its’ impact-resistance, scratch-resistance, UV resistance, frost resistance and fade-resistance
• Finish goes through 5 baking processes (between coats)
o Application procedure
o Sandblast to clean and de-bur
o Zinc-rich epoxy primer (1st bake)
o Mica iron epoxy primer (2nd bake)
o Metal filler applied for welded areas-2 applications (3-4th bake)
o Intermediate coat followed by inspection process
o Paint application (Urethane blend)-2 applications
o Clear coat sealer applied (multi-coat)

In-Stock Slim-Lite Door Sizes:
• 40” x 96” Single Door (36” wide door slab)
• 42” x 96” Single Door (38” wide door slab)
• 64” x 96” Double Door (30” wide door slabs)
• 72” x 96” Double Door (34” wide door slabs)
• 76” x 96” Double Door (36” wide door slabs)
• 72” x 120” Double Door (34” wide door slabs)
• 144” x 98” 4-Lite Bi-Fold (4 Partitions)
o All stock double doors are Right Hand Active