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How To Clean And Maintain Your Custom Wrought Iron Doors

To keep its luxurious look, it’s essential that you properly clean and maintain your custom wrought iron doors. While these doors are built to last, the climate that you live in can have an effect on them. For example, rust can develop at a faster rate in coastal communities that boast higher humidity levels than other areas. Don’t let rust ruin your home’s investment and take the steps to keep your custom iron doors rust-free. With the proper care, these opulent doors are designed to last for years to come. If you are interested in custom wrought iron doors in Nashville, TN, contact Iron Lion Entries, today. Iron Lion is one of the largest iron and steel door companies in the US.

Here’s a great cleaning routine to maintain your custom wrought iron doors:

  1. Start by using a mild cleanser and a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. For a DIY cleaner, mix together liquid castile soap or a vegetable-based soap with a touch of water. Soak the cloth in the soap mixtures and gently wipe down your doors. The rust on your doors should start to come off with ease.
  2. Once you cleaned your door with your soap mixture, make sure you rinse it off thoroughly with a hose. Any remaining soap can leave unwanted residue on your custom wrought iron doors.
  3. When you are wiping down your iron doors, make sure that you don’t leave any excess water to dry, for this will cause more rust to form. Chemicals and hard minerals that are found in tap water can stain and damage your doors.
  4. Once your doors have been properly cleaned, use a cloth or sponge to completely dry off your doors. By drying off any remaining water, you are ensuring that your custom wrought iron doors will remain stain and damage free.
  5. Depending on the area you live in, you may have to take a few extra precautions to ensure that your iron doors maintain their beauty year-round. For example, if you live near the coast, you should properly oil the hinges of your iron door on a monthly basis. Salt water air can corrode doors if they aren’t taken care of and maintained on a regular basis.

To keep your custom wrought iron doors, beautiful, durable, and secure, it’s so important to come up with a proper maintenance plan. With the excellent care, you can keep rust at bay and enjoy the benefits of your custom wrought iron door.