Let us help you select or design the perfect iron door.

Traditional Designs for Wrought Iron Doors

Whether creating plans for a new custom home or updating the style of your home, Wrought Iron Front Doors establish traditional old-world elegance and create a dramatic first impression. Elegance to your front door is achieved through quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Any traditional door design should convey both security and privacy. Custom luxury homes with traditional wrought iron doors conveys a welcoming invitation by allowing visitors a glance inside. The details can incorporate an ornamental iron door design that captures the aesthetic of the home’s architectural and interior design.

  • Heavy 12-gauge steel (30% thicker than 14 gauge)
  • 5/8” solid square iron for scrollwork
  • Hand-forged iron bar stock 3 Dimensional scrollwork
  • Standard size 5/8” X 5/8” (other sizes available)
  • Q-Lon weather stripping- Pre-installed in jamb, t-astragal, and operable window frames
  • Welded in 12 gauge full-sleeve threshold (Closed-cell foam insulated)
  • Heavy-duty 12.5” hinges, rated at 1000 lbs./each
  • Dual-paned, 5/8” thick, tempered and insulated glass
    • Hinged in separate frame which opens inward for cleaning
    • Many glass options available
    • Threaded compression locks on window frame with custom made neoprene caps for protecting finish when compressed

Slim-Lite, Divided-Lite Wrought Iron Front Doors

What is True Divided Lite (TDL) Entry Doors?
True Divided-Lite Doors recreate a traditional character by adding “dividers” to the glass in an array of profile and size to give you the most flexibility of style. Divided-lite glass coordinates with your window grid patterns, creating a cohesive look that complements your home’s architectural style.

  • Slim-lite doors have 12-gauge insulated tubular steel construction
    • Exterior-side grid pattern is a beveled edge using an extruded aluminum glass stop
    • Closed-cell polyurethane foam core (computer filled)
    • Fixed glass only
    • Many glass options available
  • True divided-lite glass partitions

Thermal Wrought Iron Doors

A thermal break is a continuous barrier between the inside and outside metal of both the doors and frame (jamb) that prevents conductive thermal energy loss. Our optional fiberglass-reinforced polymer thermal break technology places Iron Lion in the upper echelon of quality and performance.

  • Thermal break is created using pre-formed extruded steel with a liquid fiberglass

Using the finest Steel manufacturing technology from Switzerland, Iron Lion Entries is one of only a few steel/iron door companies in the US to have a true thermal-break option for our products. The non-metallic material is pressed into the middle of our door/window units completely separating the metal on the exterior side of the door from the metal on the interior side. This eliminates the transfer of temperatures, both hot and cold, from inside the house.  This is especially helpful in extreme cold-weather climates where standard steel and iron doors may face condensation issues.

Ornamental Iron Doors with Fluorocarbon Finish

Our “Fluorocarbon” finish is 80% more fade-resistant, impact-resistance, frost-resistant and UV degradation-resistant than powder coated finishes. Using the most advanced painting system out of Europe, Iron Lion launched “fluorocarbon” technology in February of 2017. Created for use in the automotive, steel-roofing and marine industries, fluorocarbon is one of the longest lasting and most durable finishes for metal products.

  • In March 2017, Iron Lion launched “Fluorocarbon” finish technology across all product lines (AKA Fluorine Carbon)
    • Finish materials are imported from Europe
    • Fluorocarbon finishes are used on high-end steel roofing for it’s fade-resistance
    • 80% more effective than powder coating for its’ impact-resistance, scratch-resistance, UV resistance, frost resistance and fade-resistance
    • Finish goes through 5 baking processes (between coats)
    • Application procedure
      • Sandblast to clean and de-bur
      • Zinc-rich epoxy primer (1st bake)
      • Mica iron epoxy primer (2nd bake)
      • Metal filler applied for welded areas-2 applications(3-4th bake)
      • Intermediate coat followed by inspection process
      • Paint application (Urethane blend)-2 applications
      • Clear coat sealer applied (multi-coat)
  • Doors and jambs insulated with dense closed-cell polyurethane foam. Doors are filled using a computerized foam-filling machine measuring back flow and penetration for a 100% fill.
    • Dual-paned, 5/8” thick, tempered and insulated glass
    • Hinged in separate frame which opens inward for cleaning
    • Available in: Aquatex (Hammered), Clear, Clear Low-e (upgrade for LowE, Rain, Water Cubic, and Flemish
    • Threaded compression locks on window frame with custom made neoprene caps for protecting finish when compressed