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Iron Lion Entries designs a number of doors for both residential and commercial use. Our architectural steel doors and windows are a simple yet elegant addition for offices, conference rooms, music studios, restaurants and much more. Custom steel doors are a great way to add a modern look that is sure to stun our customers and yours! Our modern steel doors create a larger sense of space by letting in more light with a minimalistic design. Iron Lion Entries’ slim lite design is one of our most popular collections. These luxury steel doors feature sleek lines and beautiful hardware that truly stand out from all other doors. Our slim lite steel doors are made with a 12-gauge steel (30% thicker than 14-gauge) and a fluorocarbon finish. Each steel door is made with machined steel hinges rated at 800 lbs capacity per hinge. The door and jamb are insulated with dense closed-cell polyurethane foam using a computerized machine measuring backflow and penetration for a 100% fill and are then completed with a dual-pane, 5/8” thick, tempered and argon gas insulated glass (single pane available for temperature-regulated indoor use).